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Plastic Surgery Resources

Plastic Surgery Patients information

  1. Immediately stop taking the following medications 2 weeks prior to your surgery date:
    • Aspirin
    • Plavix
    • Coumadin
    • Celebrex
    • Fish oil/omega-3
    • Herbal medication, red ginseng concentrates
    • Any blood thinning medications
    • In case of prescribed medications, please inform the office. The prescribing doctor’s approval is required before discontinuing the medication.
  2. Please remove any metallic jewelry (earrings, necklaces, etc) before the surgery. They may interfere with surgical equipment.
  3. Please wear a comfortable, loose buttoned-down or zipped shirt along with loose pants or long skirts on the day of your surgery. You want to be as comfortable as possible during the surgery.
  4. You must arrange a bystander or caregiver who will provide you transportation after the surgery. You will not be allowed to drive after the surgery.
  5. Please take your prescribed medications as usual (excluding blood thinning medications) on the day of your surgery.
  6. If you take blood pressure medications on a daily basis, bring extra on the day of your surgery to present to the nurse.
  7. Bring Valid ID and insurance card (if Reconstructive procedure) at the time of admission.
  8. For admission kindly proceed to Admission desk near Emergency.

Insurance coverage

Nearly all Reconstructive Plastic Surgery/Hand Surgery and Facial Trauma procedures are covered with Insurance companies operating in UAE including Oman, Next Care, Adnic, New Health, Pentacare, Amity, Al Madallah, MSH, Dubai care, Saico, Globmed, Axa, Healthnet, Al Khazana, Al Buhaira, Max care, NAS, Neuron, Daman and others.

Pricing and scheduling

We realize pricing information is important to many patients. Therefore, we shall be providing you cost estimate for the desired procedure at the time of the consultation.