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Scientific Publications

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Scientific Publications

Dr. Sanjay Saraf has numerous peer-reviewed publications in the Plastic Surgery and allied specialty medical journals.
Dr. Saraf is a reviewer for Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery
He has also contributed a chapter as an invited author to Medical Robotics.
Dr. Saraf has lectured at numerous national and international plastic surgery meetings as a presenter of original scientific work.


Chapter on
Robotic assisted microsurgery (RAMS): Application in plastic surgery.
In Medical Robotics, Edited by: Vanja Bozovic, Publisher: I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria, January 2008, ISBN 978-3-902613-18-9

Chapter on
Sushruta and the Plastic Surgery in Ancient India In, History of anatomy and Surgery from Antiquity to the Renaissance.
Edited by: Helen Perdicoyianni-Paleologou, Publisher: Adolf Hakkert, Netherlands, expected publication date: 2017

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Contributed Photographs: Median Cleft of the Lip (under Syndrome: Frontonasal dysplasia), in London Medical Databases.


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